How to clean your espresso machine

How to clean your espresso machine

Owning an espresso machine allows you to savor barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your home, whether you prefer a robust long black, a creamy flat white, or any other caffeinated brew.

Breville espresso machine

But there’s no point in buying the best coffee beans, grinding them fresh, and perfecting your coffee making technique if you’re not going to keep your machine clean.

So, no matter how fancy your home espresso machine is, it all comes down to a basic set of components that are familiar to everyone. And guess what? You can clean these components using some simple and universal cleaning techniques.

If you follow these easy steps, you can really up the flavor of your coffee and make your machine last longer. So let's break it down: do these steps every day, every week, and every month, and your coffee game will be on point!


Purging coffee espresso machine

Before running your espresso shot, press the “go” button and let the water run for a second before putting your portafilter in. After you run the shot, repeat the process. This will help keep your machine clean by getting rid of any grinds and gunk stuck on the dispersion screen.


Adding this simple task to the list may seem silly, but it's more significant than you realize. As you wipe the sleek stainless steel surface of your emotional investment, be sure to also clean the inside of your portafilter and even the basket. A quick wipe or rinse can work wonders in maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of these parts.

Step Three: BLACK FLUSH 

Black flush espresso machine

Depending on your machine, you should have a blind basket, which could be a stainless steel basket or a rubber plug in your portafilter. They all serve the same purpose: backflushing. Insert the blind basket into the portafilter and place it in the machine to run a shot. The water will hit the basket and be unable to pass through, forcing it back up into the grouphead. This process helps clean out any trapped grinds, oils, or gunk inside the machine. When you have full pressure, slightly "crack" the portafilter, and you'll see grinds and gunk spew out. Repeat this until completely clear water comes out.


Cafiza into the portafilter using the Scoop

Many people overlook this crucial step, perhaps out of ignorance or laziness. However, neglecting to clean machine parts with chemicals can lead to the accumulation of coffee oils, which can go rancid and affect the taste of your coffee. I'll show you how to do this on ANY coffee machine in just a few steps.

First, get a tub of Cafiza Coffee Cleaner, as it works better than the machine's tablets.

Then, place the blind basket into your portafilter and add a scoop of Cafiza (even half a scoop works). Put the portafilter into the machine and run a shot. This will use the cleaning agent to swiftly eliminate oils, grinds, and other residues within the machine's pipes, similar to the backflushing step. Indeed, portafilters are not like cast iron; they do not improve with age, nor do they contribute to the flavor with every coffee. Keeping them shiny will ensure that your coffee tastes delicious.

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Enjoy it

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