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Select your coffee. Select your frequency. Sit back & relax. BrownDog will automatically deliver your coffee as expected.

How it Works

How do subscriptions work? Love our coffee? Sign up to get it automatically on repeat by signing up. Choose your favorite coffee. Determine how often you want it. Kick back and take some time to unwind. Now, BrownDog will automatically ship/deliver your coffee as expected.

Your first order will be with our SIGNATURE zero-waste coffee jar and after you will receive a compostable bags with your fresh coffee beans to refill your jar.

 Subscription Benefits

  • SAVE 15%

  • Exclusive coffees & Free shipping

  • Super fresh coffee on repeat! We roast to order! We don't keep anything on the shelves.

  • As a valued member, you will have access to chat with Co-Founder & roastmaster at anytime via Text, email or in person.

  • You’ll save yourself from the headache of forgetting to order coffee.

  • You will actively contribute to our zero waste endeavor. How?

-Reducing and minimize the waste.
-Reuse and repurpose the coffee jar.
-Supporting local and sustainable business.
-Spread awareness and advocate for change.

The world counts

Reduce . Reuse . Refill