Reduce | Reuse | Refill

We are coffee with a CAUSE. Our mission is to avoid single use packaging and provide high quality coffee beans that are ZERO WASTE.

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Our goal is to reduce waste by using reusable 100% UV bottles. The bottles can be refilled with your favorite beans to help avoid single use packaging & can be traded in at our coffee Bar for a discount on your next bottle.

Our specialty importer sources are known for their efforts of providing honest coffee beans and helping to produce and invest in their farms,provide their families with steady income, and brace themselves against climate change.

We deliver our coffee beans via E-bike so this means carbon neutral for us. Also it is a crucial step in preserving the heath and well- being of our planet and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.


BrownDog owners are passionate about coffee and the concept of collective and teamwork. We believe that by working together, we can achieve greater success and efficiency in our operations.

We acknowledge the importance of mutual trust and respect within our farmers. Here at Browndog Roasting we ensure that all our farmers are treated fairly and with dignity.

In conclusion, our coffee company is built upon the foundation of collective effort. We believe that by working together, we can continuously improve and achieve our goals. REDUCE , REUSE , REFILL .


Our dedication to quality is a reflection of our passion for coffee and our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

At Browndog Coffee Roasting, quality is the most important value we offer. We strive to deliver exceptional experience to our customers.

We are committed to sourcing our beans from reputable suppliers who practice sustainable agriculture, ethical trade, and fair labor. This ensures that our coffee is not only delicious but also responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly.