Coffee Pour Over

The Art of the Pour Over

While the pour-Over method can take years to perfect- Coffee aficionados have devoted lifetimes to this nuanced fusion of alchemy and artistry. It’s also a method that can yield consistently elegant, balanced flavor in the hands of a complete novice.

Pour Over Coffee Art

Brew Guide

The following instructions prepare enough coffee for two people and can apply to nearly any pour-over. Arm yourself with a few specialized tools and a healthy sense of curiosity.

1. Heat fresh water to about 200F (or about 30 seconds off the boil)/

2. Grind about 25g coffee (approx 3 Tbsp) to medium coarseness — About the consistency of coarse sand.

3. Place your filter into the dripper, and prep it by wetting it thorougly and evenly with hot water. This rinses the filter of any papery taste and warms the cone. Dump the rinse water.

4. Add your ground coffee to the filter, tapping gently to level it.

5. For extra precision, place your brewer onto a digital scale and set it to zero. Begin pouring hot water in a slow, steady stream from the middle of the grounds, spiraling steadily out toward the perimeter. Stop when the grounds are completely saturated and have begun to “Bloom” (about 15 seconds).

6. Wait about 30 seconds for the grounds to release CO2 gas, which naturally builds up during the roasting process. Gas trapped in the fresh grounds can infuse a sour taste into your coffee.

7. Again starting from the center of the cone, pour in slow, steady spiral out to the perimeter and back again toward the center. Take care to pour only over the coffee grounds and not directly onto the filter. Stop went the scale reads about 450g. The entire brew time from the first “Bloom” to the last drip in your carafe should take around 4 minutes.

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