Explore Browndog Coffee Roasters premium selection of freshly roasted, specialty coffees. Sourced globally, roasted locally in Bonney Lake, and crafted for a superior coffee experience.

The Name

I have been asked about the inspiration behind the name of our brand.  BrownDog is named after our best friend and most loyal companion, Bruno.  He is a Boxweiler  (part Boxer, part Rottweiler) and we refer to him as our “Brown Dog”.

Zero Waste

My son was born four years ago and as I was pursuing my love of roasting, my wife was becoming more aware of the wastefulness in the world.  She wanted to avoid a single use package for our coffee beans.  This is where the glass bottle came to life.  Our goal is to help reduce waste by avoiding single use packaging, which is standard in our world today.  We hope that our new customers will enjoy the unique packaging but will also help us play a roll in reducing waste by “refilling” their bottle after it is empty and reusing it for years to come.